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The Nature Code™ for Change:

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Unlock the nature code™

Success is in your dna



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the difference between a change visionary and a change manager


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As the go-to speaker and corporate trainer in change management, Arlene helps businesses unlock their true potential through the power of embracing The Nature Code™ of change. Just as nature’s elements and systems adapt and thrive, Arlene empowers organizations to navigate successful transformations, maximize performance, and create a sustainable future.


The Nature Code™ empowers you to drive innovation, streamline processes, and foster an environment that not only embraces change but thrives in it.

70% of change programs fail because of employee resistance and lack of management support.


What lessons do the powers of water, wind, and fire teach us about foreseeing, planning, and managing change?

What systems do birds, bugs, and beasts have to do with seeing patterns of changes and building communication systems to address them in a powerful and profitable way?

And . . . how do these forces of nature meet human nature to facilitate our ability to visualize and respond to change, communication, and teamwork in business and life? 

Nature is the best CEO, which teaches us in non-threatening ways how to look at our blinders, boundaries, limits, and constraints that direct the choices we make and actions we take in our businesses and lives. 

leverage The Nature Code™ for developing:

Workable communication processes to address real and perceived performance and retention issues.

Options for managing frustration and fear when people are not on the same page for addressing change.

Ways to form stronger teamwork, create and foster resilient mindsets, and lead people through change instead of merely riding gale force winds of crisis management for survival.

New and existing situations with competition for time, money, attention, and other resources and how these can cannibalize your potential.

Cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing needs to prevent employee burnout in your job and in life.

Processes to adjust, repair and rebuild communications, systems and methods, well…naturally. 

change is inevitable,

so will you fight it or face it?

People who wrote down goals, formulated a plan, and shared their goals with accountability partners are 64% more likely to achieve change goals.


One thing that is inevitable in business and life is: Change. Nature makes changes season to season, and year to year. Humans just go along with the flow. So, why is it human nature to resist, some might say, hate change?

Arlene Gale is the Change Visionary Expert who presents solutions through The Nature Code™ to transform change resistance to change resilience.

Isn’t it time to harness the forces of nature to transform the way you deal with change in business and life? If not now, when? Ignoring current and coming changes causes pain, stress, and lost opportunities, but learning how to ride the waves of change can create powerful progress. 

Arlene Gale will show you how to see change coming and then thrive through change using: The Nature Code™. It starts with you!

I put Arlene through a very rigorous vetting process and her patience was incredible. I hired Arlene to speak at our conference and she came fully prepared in knowledge of the subject and materials for her three breakout sessions. Her session attendance was the highest in the conference. She was very well received. Arlene remained available to attendees after the sessions to answer questions throughout the conference. When I host my next conference, Arlene will be one of the first people I turn to for my speaker line up. I endorse her totally and without reservation.”


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About The Nature Code™

About The Nature Code™

about arlene

About Arlene

Employ the transformative adventure and experience the power of The Nature Code™ in your business evolution. Whether you’re seeking a captivating keynote speaker or a hands-on corporate training, Arlene Gale is your trusted partner for unlocking the true potential within your organization. Get ready to embrace change and unleash your business’s remarkable growth.

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