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sourcing the nature code™ for overcoming challenges and thriving in uncertain times

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Has your professional or personal life caused pain with changing situations involving communication disconnects that impacted professional and personal relationships?

Have you struggle to get out of bed in the moring because you’re demotivated to face your day?

Have you had circumstances requiring hard decisions or you had to take action you knew would cause pain for you or someone else? 

Little did Arlene know at the times she said “yes” to these questions that this was the beginning of a lifetime of learning and connections to develop The Nature Code™.



The Nature Code was created from Arlene’s joy of learning about the world around her. She loves learning about history, plants, animals, and business, and how it all weaves together. Through her own life of changes, both professional and personally, as well as decades of business experience, she has made some astonishing observations and connections about what we can learn from nature. 

Arlene is a tremendous storyteller who draws in audiences who can relate to a situation and aim for stronger, more positive outcomes for their businesses and lives.

One of the earliest lessons that germinated Arlene’s interest in understanding and applying insights about the forces of nature, started with summers on a south Texas ranch. She learned about crops, soil, cattle, horses, snakes, skunks, and more. Arlene’s attention peaked during a summer of severe drought. Imagine if you will, a 12-year old girl being taught to wield a blow torch to burn off the thick prickly pear cactus thorns so the cattle can eat the paddles as a water source. Arlene observed the cattle naturally knew the cactus held life-saving water and ate the cactus, thorns and all. The thorns cut into their tongues, lips, and cheeks, and even embedded in their nose and forehead. The thick thorns broke off under the skin making removal impossible. Cattle went through this pain to survive. They experienced weeks of additional pain while the thorns festered enough to push their way out. 

Arlene asked herself: Is the pain worth the choice to survive this way?

what hit home



Each person must decide for themselves the risk, cost/benefits, and pain level they’re willing to take on day-to-day or for a period of time. 



We don’t really understand the lengths we will go through until we are faced with that life threatening situation.

examples from The Nature Code™ that apply to motivaton and change

It’s in Arlene’s nature to be protective, which is a mixed blessing. 

It’s human nature to want to protect ourselves and each other. Protection is good when there’s danger, but bad when we hold on so tight, we smother someone, we keep them from growing their strengths. This is called micro-management. In nature if animals don’t teach their young to go out on their own, it leads to lack of survival skills, social integration within the community, and to take this example to the very end of possibility, it can lead to death of a species because the animals don’t know how to court, find a mate, and reproduce. 

Arlene has applied these insights to The Nature Code to balance the desire to over-protect personnel, tasks, and relationships versus cultivating strong teams and team members, as well as creating powerful strategic plans. Letting go and standing by while the youngsters grow up to their full potential is better than smothering protection. Catch them if they fall, cheer them when they succeed, but let them be. 


It’s in Arlene’s nature to be persistent . . . some would say . . . stubborn, while focused on outcomes.

In nature, some animals do things contrary to the way other animals do. These animals survive because of contrarian behavior and out of the box thinking. For example, some animals make tools to do a job and others scavenge for things found and try to make them work. Some birds carefully build their nests while others will lay eggs in an already made nest. One relationship is an example of scavenger opportunism, while the other is teamwork.

When someone says to Arlene: “It can’t be done,” “We’ve never done it that way before,” or “That’s outside our comfort zone,” Arlene explores ways to break new ground, work with different experts, create capable teams, and construct strategic plans. Building motivstion to change is key. Pulling together different people with different skills, different interests, and different mindsets expands boundaries to build bigger and stronger. The whole becomes more powerful than the individual (synergy through brainstorming).

It’s in Arlene’s nature to weigh costs and benefits.

Some animals are annoying. Some are downright pain inflicting. Some animals make messes, too. Arlene uses humor in telling stories about which animal you’d rather come in contact with or which animal do you relate to the most. How do these examples from nature relate to cost/benefit analysis? A quality cost/benefit analysis cultivates better communication and calculated risks with less surprises. Cost/benefit analysis are not just for businesses, but for people in life and relationships. too.

Arlene uses humor in telling the story of how her back porch got overwhelmed with mosquitoes, so it became painful to enjoy. Then swallows built nests on the porch, which lead to increased bird droppings. Then Arlene noticed the mosquito population dramatically decreased. Her family was able to enjoy dinners outside again. Cost: Having to clean the porch and lawn furniture more often. Benefit: No annoying mosquitoes, so she reclaimed her porch.

 The Nature Code Motivates Resilience



Arlene’s clients take these and other nuggets from The Nature Code™ wisdom and apply the techniques to creating more motivated leaders and teams to maximize efforts for top-notch outcomes in strategic planning, team building, and increased productivity, which can increase company profits. The Nature Code™ is used to train and retain current employees in a marketpalce where the pool of qualified candidates is shrinking, which saves a company time and money. The Nature Code™ system wielded with Arlene’s expertise has unlocked lessons for her clients to earn multiple millions of dollars in new business and life-changing outcomes. 

“Arlene Gale blends the passion of life and professional experiences with the humor of a joyful heart. Along with an impressive knowledge of her subject matter. She possesses the organizational and delivery skills required to hold an audience’s attention and engage them, yet she remains on topic AND on time. Arlene is very easy to work with. I enthusiastically recommend Arlene Gale for your next event! I can’t wait to get her back here to speak to us again.


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Arlene’s topics include motivation and change management to better prepare for current and future circumstances, gaining control even when there seems to be no control in what’s happening around you, positive communication even with difficult conversations, and increasing productivity. All of Arlene’s programs are fine-tuned to fit your specific group, event theme, and other requests in keynotes, trainings, or any combination. No matter the experience selected it will be overflowing with uniquely designed hands-on processes, interactive discussions through a balance of education and humor. There might even be some game play.

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Arlene Gale is a Harnessing Motivation and Change Visionary Expert, which means she walks clients toward proactively understanding how motivation impacts team work and productivity, and then helps create and implement resilient strategies for beneficial changes in business and life. Arlene understands the challenges faced by businesses in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Through her engaging and thought-provoking keynotes and trainings, Arlene has worked with clients to earn multiple millions of dollars in new business.

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