About Arlene

The key to business success is clearly defining and prioritizing business services combined with clearly defining and prioritizing niche target markets. It really is that easy!

Arlene Gale combines decades of business marketing, communicating, and writing expertise to direct clients past damaging business mindsets, myths, and misconceptions toward powerful and profitable business-building success. Arlene has helped hundreds of clients, in a variety of industries, earn millions of dollars in new business as a result of:

  • Writing & publishing credibility-building and business-building books 
  • Finetuning marketing message and branding for consistency
  • Creating, clarifying, and strategizing business brands and brand expansion

Arlene Gale’s unique market niche and business success comes from being the first book writing coach who taught foundational marketing plan creation before the book is written for clients to achieve the ultimate success in business profitability and growth. Arlene’s position as the go-to expert of experts in book writing and written communication is because she combines decades of experience with marketing and writing at award-winning levels.

Above and beyond the book-writing expertise, Arlene has invested decades in helping client’s go against the natural instincts to sell to everyone, and instead claim their riches from narrowly focused target market niches.

Arlene is a professional international business coach and speaker. She has authored and co-authored multiple best-selling books that helped her build an international coaching and speaking business. Arlene’s first book with her name on the front cover, Face Forward Move Forward, earned Number 1 Best New Release and Number 1 Best Seller. Face Forward Move Forward stayed in the top ten sales ranks for a year after publication and also won multiple international and national awards. 

Arlene helps clients plan and execute books that are capable of duplicating these results from start to finish, including writing book proposals earning main stream publishing contracts, before the book is written. She has also helped clients win international, national, state, and local awards for their products and services.

Arlene specializes in writing nonfiction (both professional and personal stories) and teaching both fiction and nonfiction writers the Business of Book Writing. For example, she leads workshops to teach her “4-legged stood” method for business development. 

During her extensive career, Arlene has also written and published thousands of feature-length magazine and newspaper articles, hundreds of advertisements, speeches, content for multiple social media platforms, website content, and more.

Arlene earned a Masters in Marketing with a minor in business communication and a B.S. degree in advertising and public relations, with a minor is radio, tv, film.

Arlene is a professional member of the highly acclaimed National Speakers Association (NSA) and serves on the Board of Directors of the North Texas Chapter. Arlene was selected two years in a row to present workshops at the highly touted NSA Influence international conference.

Arlene has won multiple business awards:

  • SCORE (part of the Small Business Administration) Small Business of the Year Award.
  • “Rising Star Business Award”
  • Nominated for “Fabulous Speaker of the Year Award” in 2017 by the Public Speakers Association. 

Arlene lives in rural North Texas with her husband, sons, sheep, chickens, donkeys, and dog who would probably be very offended at getting listed last.


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