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Many people dream of writing a book, but only a small fraction get to live that dream. One thing is certain: The world needs your story and you can write it as either nonfiction or fiction. That is a choice. ! Join us in this week’s episode as we demolish the negative mindsets from “what if’s” to “lack of’s” in order to build clarity and motivation to move forward. Arlene and award-winning author, CJ Peterson discuss which type of writer they are and how to decide what writing style is best for you. They also talk about things you should give careful consideration to before you write your book, how to connect with and stir your audience’s emotion, and how you can give back to society through your book. CJ offers a peek into her book series and latest release for children. Whether you are starting to write, in the process of writing, or about to publish your book, this episode will surely add to your bag of essentials. Your book should not stay in your mind, but in the hands of people thirsting for the answers you’ve already figured out. 


“If there’s no tears from the writer, there’s going to be no tears from the reader. If there’s no laughter from the writer, there will be no laughter from the reader.” -CJ Peterson


00:47 Are Lack Of’s Holding You Back?
06:32 Planners & Pantsters- What Type of Writer Are You? 
14:30 Fiction or Non-Fiction- Which Writing Style Works For You?
23:28 How to Get Started In Writing Your Book 
29:05 Stir Your Readers
36:30 Think About Liabilities!
39:57 How About Children’s Books
47:40 “What Would People Think?” 
52:58 The Researcher vs The Jumper





Grace Restored Series by CJ Peterson


Divine Legacy Series by CJ Peterson


The Holy Flame Trilogy by CJ Peterson


Children’s Books




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08:15Some people think that when you’re writing nonfiction, it has to be cold, sterile and boring. No, it’s not! You need to write depth and personality.” -Arlene Gale

09:45 “General rule is: Never go against the character of the character.” -CJ Peterson

32:42 “If there’s no tears from the writer, there’s going to be no tears from the reader. If there’s no laughter from the writer, there will be no laughter from the reader.” -CJ Peterson

48:13 “Follow your heart. Write what you know.” -Arlene Gale

50:05 “You need to start somewhere. Write it and get it down. You can’t build a sand castle until you put the sand in the box.” -CJ Peterson

51:35 “People DO judge your book by the cover. So you cannot skimp on editors or your story will be worthless if they can’t get through it.”  -CJ Peterson

51:48 “A book can build your credibility and connect you with people. Or it can damage your credibility and repel your people.” -Arlene Gale

52:47 “There’s no shame in rewriting your book because you know more now than you did when you started.” -Arlene Gale

54:11 “If you never share your brilliance to the world, they’ll never know you exist.” -Arlene Gale



Connect with CJ:

CJ Peterson is a 5-time award-winning author, blogger, and podcaster. She also speaks about a variety of topics such as writing, social media and branding, and domestic violence. Before she made her break in book writing, CJ served as a church youth leader, army brat, catastrophic insurance adjuster, and EMT. With her bag of life experiences, and her open heart, she’s able to relate well to people of all ages. As an author, she’s best at taking her real life stories and making them alive and relatable in her fiction books. They reflect a lot about making each day a worthwhile adventure, finding passion, and overcoming obstacles. As she always says, “While the stories are fiction, the journey is real.”