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This week we’re going on an exciting quest! Our hunt is  about a mindset you probably never heard before, our journey is breakthrough. Join in and find out what gems inside our treasure chest! Today, Arlene sits with mindset mastery expert, Craig Tennant. As we unlock every stage, you will walk away with something for yourself. Be empowered to level up with these topics: What can you do if you’re overwhelmed with management roles? Where do you find motivation? How do you unstuck yourself? How can you develop your leadership skills? And for the highlights of this adventure, learn what the other-than-conscious mindset and how it can help you activate your potentials and achieve greatness! Press the PLAY button and start with your missions! Exciting experiences await you!


 “Everybody talks mindset. But if you don’t focus on the parts that are running subconsciously, it’s going to be challenging to accomplish as much as you want on that quest.” -Craig Tennant


00:22 Mindfulness- The Key to Unstuck Yourself
04:33 Why People Get Stuck
11:25 What is the Other-Than-Conscious Mindset? 
19:27 The Breakthrough Process: Step 1
28:19 Do You Have a High-Quality Support
31:30  The Breakthrough Process: Step 2  
37:26 See What You Can’t See
46:01 The Mindset You Need For  A Good Investment
51:20 Achieve Greatness
56:15 Notice! Notice! Notice! and Pay Attention!




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08:33 “The other-than-conscious mindset is that mindset that’s driving your behavior.” -Craig Tennant

12:34 “Everybody talks mindset. But if you don’t focus on the parts that are running subconsciously, it’s going to be challenging to accomplish as much as you want on that quest.” -Craig Tennant

23:17 “Motivation is important to change. It is sourced from one of two things: discontent or desire.” -Craig Tennant

30:32 “When someone is able to discover what their truth is around an issue and come away with a reframing of it, that process facilitates change.” -Craig Tennant

39:03 “You don’t need someone telling you what to do. It’s someone who can ask the right questions so that you can connect to the deeper truth of what’s really going on.” -Craig Tennant

56:38 “Start paying attention. Notice when you’re telling yourself things that are stopping you from doing what you know to do.” -Craig Tennant


Connect with Craig:

Craig Tennant is a Transformation Architect and Breakthrough Coach. For more than three decades, Craig Tennant consulted with finance and technology executives and taught in software services. He climbed the corporate ladder as a powerful consultant leading international teams and clients towards valuable solutions. Alongside his corporate career, Craig facilitated Authentic Leadership workshops for 17 years. And as a result, he was able to lead people to become more confident about their relationships, and the goals that they set for themselves. Although he enjoyed working in the software industry, Craig found his purpose in helping others breakthrough mindset barriers that prevent them from having the experiences they want, so that they can be all that they want to be in life. Craig has trained and supported thousands of individuals in more than 75 groups to bring their more authentic selves into the world.