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Whether you’re considering booking Arlene for a corporate event or hosting one of her transformational workshops, deciding on the right professional for your needs is a vital step. We’ve created this FAQ page to help clarify any queries you may have about Arlene’s services, background, booking process, and more. By providing answers to some of the most common questions, we hope to make your decision-making process smoother. If your question isn’t covered in this collection, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist and assure you of the quality, professionalism, and dedication you can expect from Arlene.

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What is Arlene's expertise and specialization?

Arlene’s expertise and specializations lie at the intersection of business marketing and business communications. Her passion for the world of business has been a lifelong journey, starting from an early age. Over the years, she has immersed herself in the intricacies of business dynamics, delving deep into the factors that differentiate successful enterprises from those who fail. Arlene’s in-depth studies have encompassed a wide spectrum, including why some businesses thrive or barely survive in the face of market fluctuations, economic shifts, and technological advancements. 

Arlene’s expertise comes from working with start-up businesses from brand building to implantation. She has worked with Human Resources departments on employee satisfaction and internal communications programs. Arlene has worked with CEO’s and managers at all levels on strengthening communication and marketing skills both for internal and external communications, and strategic planning. She has worked with them on speaking and sales skills as well.

These same skills, techniques and tools are beneficial when applied to personal development audiences, too. After all it is the people who make the decisions to be change resistant or change resilient. 

To back her expertise, Arlene holds both a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Masters in business marketing, communication, and public relations. Over the course of three decades, she applied her knowledge and insights to a diverse range of industries. Arlene’s experience and academic background make her a trusted advisor and resource for businesses seeking to navigate the complex terrain changes as they impact marketing, team building, and communications effectively. Please reach out to Arlene on the Contact page.


What service does Arlene provide and what does she charge?

Arlene customizes pricing based on the specific services you require, whether it’s a keynote address, breakout session, or workshop/training. Arlene believes in tailoring her offerings to meet your unique needs and goals. To get a precise quote and discuss your requirements in detail, please reach out to Arlene directly. You can easily request a call or a personalized quote by filling out the form provided on the Contact page. This tool enables Arlene to gain a deeper understanding of your objectives and have a meaningful conversation with you. Don’t hesitate to take this step toward a tailored and impactful experience with Arlene. A main goal of hers is to make your job easier by being very responsive, cooperative, and meeting deadlines.

How have previous clients benefited from Arlene's services?

Arlene’s trainings, workshops, and speaking engagements impact on clients are huge successes resulting in a multitude of tangible benefits:

Financial Success: Arlene’s marketing expertise has directly contributed to her clients earning multiple millions of dollars in new business. Her strategic insights and guidance have paved the way for substantial financial growth and success.

Time Efficiency: Through Arlene’s purposeful techniques, clients have reclaimed countless hours previously spent on unproductive activities. Her methods empower individuals and teams to stay focused on critical aspects of strategic planning and goal setting, which leads to increased productivity and efficiency.

Enhanced Communication and Team Building: Arlene’s coaching and training have had a direct and positive impact on her clients’ communication and team building skills. This improvement has not only boosted productivity, but also elevated employee satisfaction levels, creating a more harmonious and effective work environment.

National and International Recognition: Arlene’s clients have achieved notable recognition on both national and international levels, thanks to her guidance in applying marketing expertise and strategies toward applications. This recognition earned for her clients underscores the excellence and achievements attained under her guidance.

In essence, Arlene’s services are a catalyst for her clients’ growth, success, and overall well-being, producing quantifiable results in various aspects of their professional and personal lives. To connect with Arlene about your specific needs, fill out the short form on the Contact page to start the conversation.

What sets Arlene apart from other speakers?

Arlene stands out from other speakers with presentation topics that revolve around vital themes based on navigating inevitable changes, enhancing positive communications, and fostering robust teams and relationships. What truly sets Arlene apart is her unparalleled approach to storytelling, fine-tuned with more than three decades of experience. She skillfully draws parallels between lessons from the world of natural and human nature, leaving a lasting impression on her audiences.

Arlene’s unique blend of wit and a genuine passion for engaging with audiences sets her apart. Her presentations are informative, interactive, and memorable. Arlene’s diverse range of topics are applicable for both business and personal development audiences.

For further insight, explore the Testimonials page and the About page on the website. To connect with Arlene and learn more about services, please fill in the form on the Contact page. Your journey to transformative insights and experiences begins with one simple click.

What kinds of events does Arlene do?

Arlene is versatile and excels in the wide range of events. She collaborates with diverse groups across an array of events, including conferences, retreats, team-building sessions, seminars, workshops, business cruises, and many more. Whether it’s a large-scale conference or an intimate retreat, Arlene’s adaptability will work for you. Regardless of the event type, she diligently partners with clients to understand specific goals, unique audience characteristics, and distinct theme of the event itself. This collaborative approach ensures that Arlene’s services exceed your expectations, making your event an unforgettable experience that resonates with your audience long after it concludes. To connect with Arlene, fill out the form on the Contact page.

Does Arlene Speak to youth groups and what ages?

Certainly! Arlene tailors her presentations to various audiences and topics, including youth groups. She has a wealth of experience speaking to different age groups. Whether it’s inspiring college students, motivating high schoolers, or imparting wisdom to elementary school children on facing changes, Arlene is adept at connecting with and delivering valuable insights to young audiences. Her diverse experience includes speaking at conferences, schools, and churches, making her a versatile and effective speaker across various youth age groups.  Arlene also speaks to inspire retirement age audiences in facing changes. Please fill out the Contact page to begin the conversation about your event.

Does Arlene speak for small or large groups?

Arlene is a versatile speaker who is comfortable speaking to audiences of various sizes. Her message resonates effectively, whether she’s speaking to intimate gatherings or large-scale events. She has successfully delivered impactful keynotes to audiences ranging from hundreds to thousands of attendees. Additionally, Arlene has led engaging, hands-on workshops for both small groups of a dozen and larger groups of more than 100 participants. Regardless of the audience size, Arlene’s expertise and message constantly connects and inspires. Please fill in the Contact page to reach Arlene to talk about your event.

What does Arlene charge for a keynote, breakout session, or workshop?

You can request a quote by filling out Arlene’s form here.  That tool will help Arlene get a better understanding of your goals to ultimately connect with you and talk about your specifics.

How can I book Arlene for my event or workshop?

That’s a great question! The first step toward booking Arlene is to fill out the form available on our Contact page. This form allows us to gather essential information about your event or consultation needs, helping us to better tailor Arlene’s expertise to your context.

After submitting the form, a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss further details, such as dates, times, and specifics of the event or consultation. We value your interest in Arlene’s services and assure you of a swift and efficient booking process tailored to your needs.

Remember, this initial step doesn’t constitute a binding agreement, but it’s a practical way to initiate conversations about your event and to check Arlene’s availability for your preferred schedule. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

How long are Arlene's workshops or events?

Arlene offers a variety of durations to suit different needs. For keynote presentations, you can opt for anything from an hour to several hours, according to your schedule and objectives.

Workshops, trainings, and breakout sessions can be customized, from quick one-hour meetings to half-day, full-day, or even multi-day events. This flexibility is there to ensure you get the level of depth and coverage you need.

Remember, these are just Arlene’s standard options. She can also craft unique programs specifically for your needs, whether you’re looking for a short, powerful session or a more extended in-depth exploration. For more details, please fill out the contact form on this website to get the conversation started.

Does Arlene travel to speak internationally?

Yes, Arlene has a passion for exploring the world and sharing her insights internationally. She’s well-versed in traveling to various destinations worldwide. Arlene is ready to collaborate closely with you to ensure a seamless and exceptional experience. From coordinating travel arrangements to arranging lodging and addressing any other event-related logistics, Arlene is committed to making her role in your international event a success. Her flexibility and dedication extend beyond the stage, ensuring that everything surrounding her participation is handled with professionalism. Please reach out to discuss the details of your international event, and together a memorable and impactful experience for your audience will be created.

Does Arlene speak to personal development audiences?

Arlene is a seasoned speaker with in-depth expertise in engaging diverse audiences at personal development events. She has been invited to speak with  a multitude of settings and audiences, from empowering women’s groups and influential gatherings of women in business to inspiring church groups, college groups, and a myriad of other contexts. Her inspirational insights were shared at annual events, retreats, fundraising galas, and added wisdom to the memorable keynotes for graduation ceremonies. Arlene’s journey through these varied platforms has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those in her audience. Are you ready to create a memorable experience for your group or organization? It’s easy to start.  Simply fill out the short form on the Contact page and Arlene will quickly connect!

What size groups or audiences does Arlene work with?

Arlene is a versatile speaker who is comfortable speaking to audiences of various sizes. Her message resonates effectively, whether she’s speaking to intimate gatherings or large-scale events. She has successfully delivered impactful keynotes to audiences ranging from hundreds to thousands of attendees. Additionally, Arlene has led engaging, hands-on workshops for both small groups of a dozen and larger groups of more than 100 participants. Regardless of the audience size, Arlene’s expertise and message constantly connects and inspires. Please fill in the Contact page to start the conversataion with Arlene about your event.

Does Arlene work with teams or individuals?

Yes! Arlene is equipped to offer workshops and training with people in large groups, smaller teams, and individually. Her top topics address changes like team building, communication skills, and strategic planning. Arlene works with groups and individuals on personal development topics, too. Those topics can include addressing situations such as: lack of control in various situations and how to gain some control, bolstering communication skills, conquering negative self-talk, successfully setting and achieving goals, and more. Arlene’s approach is versatile and adaptable to a wide range of settings and number of people.

Whether you’re looking to unlock your potential individually or as part of a group, Arlene’s guidance is designed to empower and inspire meaningful transformation with actionable and implementable tools. Arlene’s insights and strategies will be tailored to fit your specific needs, fostering collaboration, effective communication, and strategic excellence. To have a more in depth conversation please fill out the form on the Contact page.

Does Arlene do any facilitating?

Absolutely! Arlene is highly experienced in facilitating processes including strategic planning, goal setting, team building, and communication programs. Her expertise in guiding these critical activities can significantly enhance your organization’s effectiveness and productivity. If you’re seeking a skilled facilitator to help you and your team achieve your goals, Arlene is the perfect choice. Please take the next step to talk to Arlene by filling in the information on the Contact page.

Can I customize the service/package according to my needs?

Arlene is dedicated to tailoring her services and packages to match your unique requirements. She understands that every audience, industry, and topic is distinct, and she thrives on creating personalized experiences. To kickstart the process of customizing a service or package that precisely suits your needs, all you need to do is reach out. It’s easy to initiate a conversation by completing the Contact page form. Arlene is eager to collaborate with you and discuss how her expertise can be harnessed to create a tailored, impactful, and memorable experience for you and your audience.

How far in advance do we need to contact Arlene for an event?

Planning ahead is a good practice, and for optimal scheduling, it’s advisable to reach out to Arlene at least three months before your desired event date. This lead time allows for proper preparation and ensures you secure your preferred date in Arlene’s calendar. However, we understand sometimes last-minute opportunities and needs arise. In such cases, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Arlene even if your event is approaching quickly. She is accommodating and flexible, and there might still be availability to meet your needs. The first step is to start a conversation with Arlene, so please connect by filling out the Contact page form.

What technical requirements does Arlene have?

Arlene strives to create a flawless event experience for her clients. Basically, she needs a microphone, prefers a lavalier or wireless headset, projector and screen, and other items based on the venue and event. For more specifics, connect with Arlene through the Contact page.