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Aging into our 50s and beyond doesn’t have to be depressing, it can (and should) be very productive and fulfilling. It depends on what we focus on and what we decide to do every day.  Sadly, it’s often a period when some people worry too much about wrinkles, grey hair, and arthritis. Some have lost focus of their unique skills and talents, and the value they bring into the world. Today, Arlene Gale and Gayle Carson, the self-professed S.O.B. (“Spunky Old Broad”), talk about why age is just a number and a mindset.. Gayle shares how to make your 50s and beyond purposeful and exciting. She also shares how to adapt to the dynamic nature of business, endure loss, live in alignment, and beat self-doubt. There is no such thing as retirement age, because people who enjoy what they do never retire. Tune in and discover Gayle’s secret to living a regret-free life!


“Age is not an issue if you have the right mindset.” -Gayle Carson


01:14 The Not So Funny Struggles About Age
06:52 Meet the SOB
12:56 When Are You Going To Retire?  
18:34 Age: 50
25:17 Live Regret-Free
31:13 How to Deal With Loss
43:06 Wise Words That Will Change How You Live Life
48:30 Self-Confidence Beats Self-Doubt







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08:14 “Age is not an issue if you have the right mindset.” -Gayle Carson

23:46 “Retire with a plan. It makes a big difference. Many people who retire and don’t have a plan do unfortunately die because there’s nothing in their life to motivate them and keep them going.” -Gayle Carson

30:40 “You can love a lot of people in your life. But you can’t always like everybody in your life.” -Gayle Carson

37:28 “Everybody has a book inside them. Some people do it because they’ve got a cause, or they have a passion that they want other people to understand and be part of.” -Gayle Carson

43:43 “You can dream big but without a plan to live your dreams, you’re just living an illusion.” -Arlene Gale

44:08 “Some people are born blessed, but most of us have to work hard for what we get. If we do it right, the work is fulfilling and well worth the effort!” -Gayle Carson

45:50 “Trying to live your life to prove something to somebody else means they get to live two lives (theirs and yours) and you get none.” -Arlene Gale 



Connect with Gayle:

After college Gayle moved to Miami and got her first job.  One year later she bought the business and proceeded to diversify its sales base from one to seven divisions. It eventually became the largest independent organization in the industry.  As CEO, Gayle managed a diverse staff of more then 350 people, graduated more than a million students from her training programs, and personally managed the company’s complex payroll.  While serving as CEO of her business, she received her Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University.


Selected as a “Legend of the Speaking Profession,” she currently hosts a dozen radio shows per month and is the founder of the S.O.B.radionetwork.com and is also the only woman in the world who has earned a Doctorate, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association), CMC (Certified Management Consultant), and an FIMC (Fellow to the Institute of Management Consultants). The SOB Radio Show features a diverse group of women who all speak about  how to live a full and exciting life after 50 years old, and clear up to 90 and beyond, and who are still doing fabulous things. Gayle is a living example of living regret free, the name of one of her other radio/podcast programs.