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What will you do if someone told you that everything you dream of is no longer possible? Will you cower or will you stand in your power? Listen as Arlene and John Davis share how ordinary people can become action heroes by applying the “5F” process of Creating Positive Outcomes. In this episode, John debunks the notion that “struggle equals growth” and reveals how to keep your motion moving forward even if you seem to have reached the dead end of your journey. He also talks about what an action hero is, why change should not be feared, how to be a master of masters, and what mindset is behind interpersonal issues. Fear is a mindset and it is hackable. Maintain a positive mindset because where your focus is, there your outcome will be. Tune in and find the power to defeat self-defeating talk!


“Be an action hero not a reaction zero.” -John Davis


00:50 Superhero vs Action Hero
09:23 How to Hack Your Fight or Flight Response
15:28 The Fallacy of “Struggle Equals Growth” 
19:55 Action Hero or Reaction Zero? 
26:21 Defeat The Self-Defeating Talks
31:05 The “5F” of Creating Positive Outcomes 
37:21 How to Get Others To Like You
46:30 You Are A Hero! 
50:00 Breathe!







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07:49 “An action hero is an ordinary individual who creates a super result.” -John Davis 

08:54 “Being an action hero is simply a choice. We all have the ability in ourselves to awaken our inner action hero.” -John Davis 

16:51 “If you consciously focus on struggle, then you’re going to see more struggles. If you can stay on the positive side of the chart, your subconscious mind will start showing you positive things.” -John Davis

17:07 “There’s no end to mastery. If you’re truly a master of who and what you are,  it’s your job to expand what you’re doing.” -John Davis

18:00 “Life is about motion. We’re constantly moving. No successful outcome has ever been achieved without change.” -John Davis

24:07 “If you keep your mind in play and keep your motion moving forward, you have the ability to achieve anything in life.” -John Davis

27:17 “You can always find out what you’re creating by listening to what you’re saying about your present moment because that’s the only moment of creation. The past is simply a storehouse of memories of present moments. The future is your goals for present moments coming forward.” -John Davis

29:05 “Your belief is the key element to it, your faith about your outcome.” -John Davis

32:02 “ No successful outcome has ever magically appear successful. It’s coming to you dependent on the small actions you take. It doesn’t have to be something daunting and giant.”  -John Davis

37:29 “Don’t focus on the jump; don’t focus on the fall. Focus on the path that you’re going to land on.”  -John Davis

38:17 “When we have our interpersonal issues with people, it’s because they’re not respecting us or we’re not respecting them.”  -John Davis

47:41 “Every moment of your life is a chance to start anew.” -John Davis

49:36 “I set my goals for tomorrow, but I live my present moment.” -John Davis

50:53 “Instead of giving yourself permission by something external, just give yourself permission to breathe. Get refocused.”  -John Davis

52:36 “Be an action hero, not a reaction zero.” -John Davis



Connect with John:

John Davis has lived the life of an action hero. He has been a professional fight director and stuntman for stage and screen; an artistic director of three regional theme parks; a sword-fighting comedian, a college professor, a motivational speaker, author, and coach. He has been featured on the Today Show and the Discovery Channel. After the events of September 11, 2001, John brought his inspirational message to 16 countries around the world including the front lines of both Iraq and Afghanistan on six USO tours. It was there that he began studying mindset and achievement. An expert in the “Action Hero Mindset,” John developed the “5F Approach to Maximum Potential.” It is a simple process of hacking our “primal subconscious responses and propelling us forward to peak performances.”   Here is a link for listeners to get John’s  free workbook: https://www.corporateactionhero.com/free-gift-page.html