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Welcome to the World Premier of Mindset Meets Mastery with Arlene Gale on the BBS Radio Network! Today, we are taking on courage and talking about how it can change our reality. Hence, what’s a better way to start this program than to go deep about that very topic! In this episode, Arlene and Ken D. Foster, the Courage Expert, talk about what courage is, why courage needs wisdom, how do we know if we have undeveloped wisdom, why comfort zone is really not a place of comfort, and the 3 steps you can start doing right at this very moment to develop real courage. Ken also shares about his latest book, The Courage to Change Everything, a book of wisdom of the ages. Check out how this interactive book can turn 10 minutes a day of your time into a transformation story you’ll never forget!


“Courage is an inner energy that has wisdom with it. It’ll take you past your comfort zone if you allow it.” -Kenneth D. Foster


01:26 Who Are The Courageous?
05:04 Courage Defined
11:47 Why Great Dreams Don’t Come True
16:02 3 Steps To Develop Courage
26:48 Feel the Pain To Make The Change
33:58 A Book of Wisdom of the Ages
40:21 The Power of Journaling 
46:18 The Antidote For Doubts and Uncertainty




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04:28 “We need to be able to see things we’ve never seen before, know things we’ve never known before. And as a result, be able to do things that are next to impossible.” -Kenneth D. Foster

07:20 “Fear and courage don’t really go hand in hand. Fear is that level of energy or vibration that keeps us stuck in that place where you really can’t be your highest self. Courage, on the other hand, is a sense of being all you need to be in the moment.”  -Kenneth D. Foster

08:00 “Courage is one of the most powerful forces in the universe if we can learn how to develop it.” -Kenneth D. Foster

12:08 “Wishing, unfortunately, doesn’t get us anywhere.” -Kenneth D. Foster

16:34 “Courage is an inner energy that has wisdom with it. It’ll take you past your comfort zone if you allow it.” -Kenneth D. Foster

19:49 “Our future is created, not in the future. It’s created in the moment.”  -Kenneth D. Foster

27:03 “You need to feel the pain to make the change.” -Kenneth D. Foster

28:25 “The most painful thing you can do to yourself is live in that comfort zone. It’s a terrible place to live because it creates mediocracy in your life.” -Kenneth D. Foster

38:42 “If you do those little things that most people won’t do, you live an outstanding life.”  -Kenneth D. Foster

43:53 “We are our best advocates.” -Kenneth D. Foster

53:40 “Why can’t we see the things that the children can? It’s because we’ve shut down our hearts and that’s where courage comes from.” -Kenneth D. Foster



Connect with Kenneth:

Ken D. Foster is a Keynote Speaker, a Business Strategist, a Life Coach, and a Best-Selling Author. He is the host of,  Voices of Courage, a radio program that’s syndicated in more than 162 countries. Ken has coached and mentored hundreds of CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, to take them down some courageous paths and release their limitations. Ken is a change-maker. He pushes the envelope and he challenges people to think differently- to see the unseeable, know the unknowable, and do the impossible.