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There are many forms of relationships: parent-child, husband-wife, employer-employee, caregiver, friend, and more. A variety of feelings come with having and maintaining any relationships. But it seems that specifically complicated is relationships happening with women and between women. This episode is for you if you are one of my lady listeners or if you’re a man who loves a lady or is raising a young lady.  Is it possible to make better and deeper connections with women? Is it okay to have “necessary conversations” to determine the health and maintenance of a relationship? Do we have a limited capacity for a certain number or depth of relationships? Is it really possible to make healthy, mutually beneficial, lifelong connections with other women? My expert guest today, Leah JM Dean, a Tribe Formation Expert, answers these questions and discusses her formula to deepen our relationship with ourselves, our friends (especially between women), family, and more.  Leah Dean has created a simple, but very powerful formula for building a tribe that stands the test of time. In her soon to be released book “Assemble the Tribe: Believe in Your Value. Find Belonging. Be Different.” Leah shares her trademarked formula based on proprietary research and shows us how to shift our mindset by first discovering the value that we bring to every connection we make.


“You can’t have healthy relationships unless your relationship with yourself is healthy first. Self-awareness, self-reflection, self-care, and the mindsets around your value are the foundation of any type of positive relationship.” -Leah JM Dean


00:50 Relationship Talks
10:19 The Complexity of Female Relationships
15:07 What is a Tribe?
20:22 The Nature of Relationships
29:56 Facts About Tribe and Connectivity
36:40 Relationships and Your Capacity
44:18 A Book For Women 
51:09 A Mindset That Can Change Your Life and The Generations to Come

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12:53 “Tribe is an individually complex people with shared values, beliefs, who choose to come together in various ways to create relationship.” -Leah JM Dean

14:09 “In order to navigate your relationships successfully, you need to have a mindset to choose to show up in a way that helps to enable healthy relationships. That doesn’t happen by accident.” -Leah JM Dean

20:48 “We should all expect that our relationships will change over time. We all grow, and we shift, and we change. That’s normal and healthy.” -Leah JM Dean

22:08 “We’re not always our best every day. By examining the patterns of how people show up in our lives, that we’re able to figure out if this relationship shifting, changing, worth keeping.” -Leah JM Dean

29:38 “The tapestry of your life is so much more complex than one situation. Stay open to new relationships because we need more people than we think we do.” -Leah JM Dean

31:35 “You can’t have healthy relationships unless your relationship with yourself is healthy first. Self-awareness, self-reflection, self-care, and the mindsets around your value are the foundation of any type of positive relationship.” -Leah JM Dean

37:25 “Part of this idea of openness is to recognize that you only have so much capacity, and that’s going to vary depending on what’s going on in your life.” -Leah JM Dean

52:41 “We might miss out on all of the gifts that we have, and that we can share with the world because we’re too busy pursuing the gifts, strengths, and talents of somebody else.” -Leah JM Dean


Connect with Leah:

Leah Dean is an entrepreneur, Tribe Formation Expert, human resources and leadership strategist, and confidence and mindset coach. Leah has decades of experience inside international corporations building high-performing teams, or tribes. Leah recently took a mid-career break to spend time with her family and check off a few things from her bucket list, including writing her book: Assemble the Tribe. She initially anticipated returning to the corporate world, however, the more she wrote and spoke to people about her work, the more she knew it was time to use her years of experience in building teams and tribes in a new way. After conducting proprietary group research and studying the science of relationships, she knew life could no longer be business as usual. Leah’s work aims to help shift our mindsets and navigate our personal and professional relationships differently. From the divisiveness of tribalism and cliques to the connection that a tribe mindset can bring. It’s time to unlock the tribe building formula, Believe + Belong = Be Different™, and live life in a whole new way. As a passionate believer in assembling tribes for the greatest impact, Leah is the founder of numerous programs and events designed to help women and girls find their tribes and do great things.