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Are you achieving the level of success that is meant for you? This week, Arlene and Maria Martinez, a Human Potential Activator, join together for a wisdom-packed conversation on achieving your full potential. Maria talks about how the feeling of undeserving grows and how to uproot it. She also gives some reasonable points to consider when making decisions, getting in alignment, healing your energy, and directing your focus to ensure growth as opposed to sabotaging your own success. On top of that, we also learn how forgiveness can create awesome results that lead to prosperity. Listen in and enter the world of infinite possibilities!


“Learn to be uncomfortable being comfortable.” -Maria Martinez


00:32 Is “Enough” in Your Dictionary?
04:51 Undeservingness- Where It REALLY Comes From and How to Get Out
09:40 Where to Focus to Exponentially Grow Your Business
15:08 How to Make Life-Altering Choices 
18:10 Are You Aligned for Success? 
23:47 What Your Energy Say About You 
31:14 Forgive and These Amazing Things Will Happen to You!


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02:22 “Sometimes the answers to the questions hurt even more than the questions themselves.” -Arlene Gale 

06:32 “Everything is not just a state of mind, but a state of being. So the belief systems  we have of unworthiness and deservingness can be transformed when we look at and we release the illusion that we’ve been living under.” -Maria Martinez

08:32 “The experience is based on what we attach to it. And we don’t realize that we’re using that judgment that we gave to our life to create our future.” -Maria Martinez

09:44 “Focus on infinite possibility because what you focus on is what you create.” -Maria Martinez

10:53 “How you feel about yourself reflects in what you create.” -Maria Martinez

12:45 “Who you are is who you decide you are.” -Maria Martinez

16:09 “Learn to be uncomfortable being comfortable.” -Maria Martinez

20:09 “Success is accessing your full potential and finding joy in that.” -Maria Martinez

31:24 “The basis of going back to self-belief and self-trust is forgiveness.” -Maria Martinez

33:16 “Forgiveness is NOT allowing somebody else to continue to hurt you. Forgiveness is NOT giving yourself permission to continue to hurt yourself.” -Arlene Gale 



Connect with Maria:

Maria Martinez is a Human Potential Activator, a Multi-Dimensional Healer, an Energy Alchemist, a Medical Intuitive, a Light Language Channel, and a Wealth Conscious Activator. She supports people to achieve their full levels of happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity. She can see what is clearly in our way and can act as a catalyst to remove all of these blocks so that we can have what we desire in our life for living purposeful, abundant, and fulfilled life. 


Arlene Gale: Hi everybody, welcome to Mindset Meets Mastery. Today, I’m talking about the mindsets and the myths about living up to our full potential. Does anyone else ever wonder, are you doing enough with your life? And what does it really mean anyway? I mean, really? Are you using your gifts and talents to the fullest extent possible? And how would we know? How would we measure that? I don’t know. Are you giving your relationships in your clients all that they deserve from you? Are you getting all that you deserve from your own life? And is that good or not so good? For some people when bad things happen, it’s often because that’s all they feel like they deserve. So that’s what they settle for. And long term, this leaves us feeling unhappy, hopeless, and stuck seeing no way out for other people, and you probably know some of these people, they have an over inflated feeling of deserving and they make this concept of deserving feels almost like a dirty word. These people often leave the rest of us feeling like we’ve been taken advantage of. So what did you think, or what did you feel when I brought up these questions of deserving?

When I started following my personal healing journey decades ago, since I’m like a hundred years old, at least that’s what my kids think. My feelings about deserving were all over the place. Most related to lack of, lack of feeling deserving. Most of these questions that I asked you, I asked myself, so I know how badly these questions sting. Sometimes these questions can even feel like a sucker punch to the gut, but as if that wasn’t bad enough. The bad news for me is that sometimes the answers to the questions hurt even more than the questions themselves. So in achieving a balance when it comes to deserving, is it even possible at all? For me, it came down to my sense of deserving or not deserving came down to what other people told me I could or couldn’t do, or what I did or didn’t deserve. That was frustrating, confusing and annoying. I finally decided I was tired of that, but I learned how to get out of this rut the hard way. Of course, most of the time I do things the hard way, it’s just part of my personality. But the realization that other people created my sense of deserving was a realization that gave me something tangible to change, something tangible that helped me achieve and move forward more than anything that I was even able to imagine. And the sad truth of it is, is I’m not quite sure how I did that. I can look back and credit that there were angels that were put in my path that helped me come up with these answers, but I can’t give you any good insight other than that. And that’s why I have today’s guest on because I’m hoping, well, actually I’m not hoping. I know that she’s going to give us great insight in deserving and living life to the fullest. And how do we take these feelings to create wealth?

So I’ll stop rambling and introduce you to my expert guests, Maria Martinez. She is a Human Potential Activator, Multi-Dimensional Healer, Energy Alchemist, Medical Intuitive, Light Language Channel, and Wealth Consciousness Activator. She supports people to achieve their full levels of happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity. She can see what is clearly in our way and can act as a catalyst to remove all of these blocks so that we can have what we desire in our life for living purpose, full abundant and fulfilled life. So I’m gonna turn it over to my expert and welcome you. Hi Maria.

Maria Martinez: Hi everyone, I’m so happy to be here. I’m so excited to be here with all of you. This is one of my favorite topics.

Arlene Gale: Well, great. So let’s jump in. What do you say when people come to you and they’re kind of stuck, and they’re stuck in this issue of not feeling deserving?

Maria Martinez: Well, the issue of not feeling deserving is actually more complicated or more complex than just the statement or emotion of deservingness because it’s in tangled with self-belief, self-trust, is entangled with being enough and worthiness. So they usually come as a package. And when we dismantle it all, then we can see where all these things are coming from. It usually comes from either a past experience, whether it’s in this lifetime, another lifetime. And it comes from this story that we created, just like you mentioned, what people told you, what people gave you. And everything that we know, everything that we’d learned about living up to an expectation, living up to what is expected of us, living up to what we’re supposed to do in life, but always feeling like we’re never getting there, and therefore we don’t deserve to have. So we’re judging ourselves. We look at ourselves, and look at what we did in our life, or what have I done in my life? And if we’re still not feeling happy and fulfilled, then we don’t give ourselves that feeling of deserving. So we’re actually the ones that based on what was given, using that information and creating that block, creating that lack of deserving, lack of receiving, lack of enjoyment. So it’s coupled with so many different things.

Arlene Gale: So it sounds like it’s such a deep subject. Is it even possible to move from a lack of deserving or lack of worthiness to an abundance, or even just to an enough?

Maria Martinez: It is. It actually is. I know this is the work that I do, and you can achieve that because everything is not just a state of mind, but a state of being. So these belief systems that we have of unworthiness, undeservingness, feeling not enough can be transformed when we look at and we release the illusion that we’ve been living under. When we release the expectations that others have and everything that we’ve told ourselves that we needed to prove to the world, when we step out of that and we observe ourselves, and we observe where it’s coming from and who we’re trying to please, and whose approval we’re trying to get and who we’ve given power to decide or value, when we look and observe how we’ve lived our life. So this is where the self-mastery comes up, you step out, and you observe yourself, and you observe the belief systems, and where they came from, and whose belief systems you’ve adopted, then you can start to let them go and release them. You can start with recreating your own belief systems, reconnecting with yourself, believing in yourself again, trusting yourself again, allowing yourself to release all punishment and self sabotage that you’ve been under that is preventing you from moving into the state of, I deserve, I am worthy. I am enough.

Arlene Gale: So some people are comfortable. I mean, the discomfort creates a comfort zone for them. And it’s very scary to move past that, that fear. For example, with me, it was like, okay, if I release these ideas, what’s left of me and who I am, how does someone fill that space?

Maria Martinez: That’s a really good question. What we really fear is the fear of the unknown. When we say, this is what I know. I wake up and this is my life. If I gave all of this up, what would that be like? And the fear is that one, we don’t know what it is that we may get the same or something even worse, but that’s the idea. It comes from the past because when we try to change, when we try to create something different, we always go to our experience. But our experiences are also an illusion because our life is a series of events. The experience is based on what we attach to it, where we say that I failed, I succeeded, that was great, that wasn’t so great, that’s what we’re giving you, that’s a judgment that we’re giving it. And we don’t realize that we’re using that judgment that we gave to our life to create our future. And when we realize that, then we can start from that blank space. We can start from that place of that new book, that new canvas that we’re now creating. It does take a shift to realize I’ve created, I’m the master creator of my life. I’ve created all of this so far so if I created it, then I can definitely create something different. That is more in alignment with what I want and desire. So that’s where the mind shift starts to begin, letting go of the fear, stepping into new, switching off the fear and the chatter that comes in when you start looking into the future what you want to create and then, what if it comes up? You put your hand up and you stop it, and then you go into infinite possibility. What if it was successful? What if I created a successful business? What if I had an amazing relationship instead of what if not?

Arlene Gale: So it’s part of, one of the things that I think about is not looking at what you don’t want, but what you want instead.

Maria Martinez: Focus on what you desire. Focus on what makes you happy. Focus on infinite possibility. Because what you focus on is what you create fear. You focus on the, what if’s, you’ve been creating so far in your master [inaudible], where we were creating from that place, from that vibration. That vibration of fear, doubt, and scarcity. That vibration of, what if I failed? What if I’m not enough? So what if we switched out of that into infinite possibility? What if from here on it’s joyful, it’s happy, it’s successful, it’s abundant and it’s a practice.

Arlene Gale: Yeah. And there’s so much going on and not very often, I am speechless, I just got to say, but there’s so much going on in my mind. So let’s go, all of these are personal internal shifts that impact our relationships and our business, can you help us make that shift? When we feel personally capable, or worthy, desirable, whatever word it is we want, how does that then impact starting, or growing, or maintaining a business?

Maria Martinez: Absolutely. You are the center of your universe, how you feel about yourself, reflects in what you create. If you feel unworthy and you step into your business and you’re already afraid of failing, you’re one foot in and one foot out. So the success of your business is going to be limited. If you step out of that, if you just go up out of, what if I fail and you step into what if I succeed, then that’s what you’re creating in your business. And again, it is a shift, and it is the practice, and it is that self-mastery that you’re moving into. Every day, you’re looking at your business as something infinite, something magnificent. You’re moving into the passion of who you are. You’re focused on your passion and your purpose versus the fears. And that creates momentum in your business. That creates momentum in your success. Because now you’re tapping into your joy and your happiness. Because now you know that this is what you’re meant to do, and you’re not focused on rejection. Because when you work on letting go of your belief systems and letting go of having to prove anything, you’re not trying to prove that you’re good enough. When you slip into your business, you’re just trying to serve and contribute. That’s your whole focus, I am here, these are my gifts, this are my talents, this is what I meant to do and I’m just going to do it with an open heart. I’m going to do it because it makes me happy. I’m going to do this because this is what I’m meant to do. This is what fulfills me. And that’s when you start to ignite your passion. You create the momentum around your business and you start aligning with your success. And when you do that, your success starts to flow easily. People connect to you, opportunities show up to your business, people notice you because there’s a shift in you. You’re stepping out with confidence, with ease, with joy, you’re transparent, you’re authentic versus people noticing the fears and the doubts in you, and the insecurities, or some people shows that you’re out of integrity with your word, and your mission, and your purpose. So when you create that shift and you are really aligned with who you are, and who you are is who you decide you are. Now, people tell you who you are. I am successful, I am enough, I am skillful, I am gifted, I am a contributor, I am an influencer, I am a changemaker. When you align with those things, I’m a leader, and you decide this is who I am. Then you reflect that out into the world and the world sees that.

Arlene Gale: So it really does come down to a matter of personal choices to decide who it is you’re going to be, and where you’re starting is not where you have to end, that’s what I’m hearing. There’s a journey.

Maria Martinez: Absolutely. It’s a choice, you have to make that choice. That choice is where the shift begins. And then you have to make it every single day. So it’s a choice, it’s catching yourself when you’re going in, I’m not enough, I’m unworthy, I’m deserving that this is too hard, what are they going to think of me? Catching yourself there? And then stepping into the beingness, I AM. This is who I am. This is why I was created. This is why I’m here. And then when you’re doing that, you’re raising your vibration and you’re attracting more people like you into your life. More people that are in alignment with your mission to serve you, to help you, to support you. And there’s really a lot more to what we’re talking about. There’s the mindset, there’s the energy, there’s everything else you’re carrying your spirit. There’s obviously more of you in your multidimensional being, but this is where you start, it’s making that decision. It’s making that choice and then being very congruent, having that high level of commitment and conviction, and then stepping forward as you are, I am, I am, I am, I am. And embracing that complete total acceptance of that, I am. Who you’re becoming, who you’re being, who you’re stepping into, because that’s what you’re reflecting out into the world. That’s what you want the world to see. And that’s what’s going to resonate. And that’s what’s going to attract more of what you desire in your life, the success in your business, the expansion in your business, the growth, the money, the abundance, prosperity.

Arlene Gale: Right? And choices are interesting because I’ve worked with people on choices, and parents with giving their children choices, and real choices versus false choices. When I told my son, you have to go brush your teeth or they’ll rot and fall out. Well, that wasn’t really a choice but that three year old said: “I want rotten fallout.” Because he would rather have anything than to brush his teeth. So there’s real choices, there’s false choices. But I think the other thing that surprised me and talking about choices is that people don’t realize that staying stuck and doing nothing different is a choice. Do you find that in your business?

Maria Martinez: Absolutely. It’s a choice. You’re choosing to be where you are and what I call that as you just need to be a victim, a victim of your circumstances, your situation, your environment, you’re choosing to stay stuck. So when you’re choosing that is identifying, what is the benefit to that? What is the benefit to you not stepping out, not shining, not stepping into your full potential. There’s always a benefit to being there. It’s the fear of rejection, the fear of not being accepted, the fear of not succeeding, the fear of succeeding and then feeling on not being able to hold on to success. So we’re always making a choice and that choice always has consequences or hidden benefits that we’re receiving from. It’s a comfort level as well. I’m choosing this, I’m choosing to stay here because this is what I know, it’s comfortable for me. So it’s also learning to be uncomfortable, being comfortable. And really stepping out of that and then switching it around getting comfortable, being uncomfortable. If you are comfortable where you are and nothing is happening, nothing’s changing, then realizing that if you do not decide, if you do not make that choice to step out and shift, change, make yourself uncomfortable, then it’s always going to be the same. You’re always going to have where you’re going to have. And everybody’s afraid to make that change. When you first step out, then you get comfortable with that. And then one, and then another step, and another step.

Arlene Gale: Great wisdom, great wisdom. So we’re going to take a quick break and come back with my guest, Maria Martinez. And when we come back, I want to talk about, what does success mean anyway? So give me a few seconds and you all stay tuned and come back and let’s put Maria Martinez on the hot seat too.

Hi everybody, welcome back to Mindset Meets Mastery with Arlene Gale and my special guests today is Maria Martinez. She has wisdom that is at a level that I’m not used to thinking about. So this has been a very refreshing, very powerful conversation. And before we left, I asked her, what does success mean anyway?

Maria Martinez: The definition of success means different things to everyone. Success is really about what makes you happy. Success is YOU deciding this is the vision of my life and living that vision, and it’s different for everyone. So when you align with success is your personal success. And this is where the expectations go out the window, the expectation that society has around you goes out the window, and that’s really what we want because we want it to be your alignment. Success is having everything that you desire in your life, happiness in your relationship, good health, living the life that you desire whether it’s travel, whether it’s contribution whether it’s service, having a successful, very productive business that has the revenue that you desire that supports the life that you want to live, that is success. And those numbers or your numbers. So whatever you decide, those are your numbers. So to arrive at success is being at peace with yourself. Being at peace with yourself, being complete with yourself, stepping out and believing in yourself and believing that there was a reason why you were created to share something with the world, to bring something to the world. And in doing so, bringing joy to yourself and bringing joy to the world. And as you’re stepping out into that alignment, just stepping out into your divine path, your mission. The success is coming and unfolding for you because you’re living your vision. You’re living your life. You’re having it all. And having it all is, again, everyone’s individual definition. Some people may want to travel all the time. Some people may have a huge home. Some people may have many different cards, material things. Other people may just want to spend time in service and contribution, or doing charity philanthropy or charitable work, or creating a legacy. And then having other people manage it, continue to allow it to grow what you step out and enjoy the rest of the years with your family. So whatever that is, that is success for you, accessing your full potential and finding joy in that.

Arlene Gale: Our vision of success, our goal of success, mastering success, change as we become more and more comfortable with shedding those old labels of not worthy and capable, what do you think?

Maria Martinez: Absolutely. And that’s what I was referring to, being in complete and total acceptance with yourself. Because the things that keep us from being in total acceptance are the judgment, the criticism, the feelings of not good enough, the feelings of undeserving, unworthiness, not believing in yourself, trusting yourselves, the fears that we carry, all of those things prevent us from having the success that we desire. So when you look at yourself and you do your inner work, whether it’s energetically, spiritually, mentally, the mindset shifts. When you do your inner work, you’re shedding all those layers, the multidimensional layers, and those layers are allowing you to come into your own, allowing you to access more of yourself, allowing you to step into that confidence about who you are, and why you’re here, and the contributions you have for the world, that is success. You’re achieving the level of success that is meant for you and you’re attracting what you desire into your life.

Arlene Gale: Yeah. So you’re attracting what you desire as opposed to attracting what other people told you is or is not possible.

Maria Martinez: Right, or what you should have.

Arlene Gale: Right. So life on your terms, life on your terms.

Maria Martinez: Absolutely.

Arlene Gale: So you have some fascinating capabilities and gifts, I’ll just put it that way, gifts. How did you know, or when did you first know for yourself, acknowledge the gifts and talents that you have to help people in this arena? When did that start?

Maria Martinez: Yeah, that started actually at a very young age. I’ve been aware of my gifts since I was about five. I’ve been working with my angels for a very long time. Actually, the work that I did for a very long time was freeing souls, frigging spirits, and then it moved into different aspects of life. So in my very early years, I spent a lot of time in the higher dimensions, in other dimensions playing with angels, playing with higher beings. And then as I got into college and then out of college, it became more, how do I bring those gifts here to help myself create the life that I desire and help others surround me. So these gifts that I was born with are the ability to see the ability, to hear the ability, to know the ability, to channel information and help everyone that I work with, understand where the blocks are, the root cause of their situation, their challenges, how to clear release that, had it reset their energy, their timelines so they can step into something new so that I can access their own gifts, their own talents so that they can live the life that they want to live, so that they can attract what they want to attract, so that they can bring in the abundance. And with these gifts, I work a lot with energy. I look at the energy of money, the energy of success, the energy of wealth, the energy of prosperity. And we look at the blocks and barriers around that as well. We bring those in, we remove the barriers and blocks and we align you with abundance, prosperity. So we release a lot of those layers. The way I work is looking at the mental, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual, the energetic so that we can clear the entanglement with your multidimensional self so that you can bring an access, your full potential, your gifts in this lifetime so you can manifest the life that you desire here.

Arlene Gale: And forgive my ignorance, I apologize, but what is energy? Is it something you can define? How do you know what kind of energy a person has, or is stuck with, or giving out?

Maria Martinez: Yeah. So there’s different ways of describing energy, vibration, frequency, and really what it is is that we are light. We are light being, and that is what I’m looking at. I’m looking at your light, I’m looking at your orb field, I’m looking at your chakras, your energy centers. And I see the programs that you’re running in your field. I see the programs you’re running in your subconscious mind, so I can read your subconscious mind, your higher self tells me. That’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s actually really helpful when I’m working with people. So I hear statements that you’re telling yourself that are running in your subconscious mind. I hear emotions and they feel emotions. I see emotions that are running in your field and where they’re stuck. Sometimes they’re stuck in your heart and your heart space. And your different chakras, sometimes that stretches out or extends out to your physical body. So a lot of times when you’re experiencing physical imbalances, it’s often due to emotions that are stuck there, belief systems, programs that are stuck there, or other interferences that came in other attachments. So I see you, like I said, I see you as a multidimensional being. I can see your spirit, I can see your energetic field, I can see your mental body, your emotional body and your spiritual body. And I look for what is out of balance. Then I go deep into it and see, is it a belief system? Is it an emotion instead of trauma? Is it something from another lifetime? And then we speak into pulling all of that out of your field so that you can come back into wholeness, come back and integrate it into the full potential that you can be.

Arlene Gale: So with what you do, are you working with people mostly on the personal level, or the professional level, or some combination?

Maria Martinez: It’s usually both. People come to me for different reasons. They’ll come to me for health, but usually health is affecting their career or their relationships. They’ll come to me with their relationships and that’s affecting their success, their money, their health. They’ll come to me for success specifically or money specifically, and that’s affecting their relationships and affecting their health because we are, again, a multidimensional body. Whatever we carry, one body spills over to the other bodies and creates blocks in the bodies. So the way you show up in one area of your life is the way you show up in the other areas of your life. Many people don’t realize that, but you have a resonance within you. That’s the energy, that’s the frequency, that’s motivation that we’re talking about and that resonance carries over. So if you’re feeling unworthy because of your career, that’s showing up in your relationship, how you’re performing in your relationship, how you’re being present in your relationship. If you’re feeling unworthy because of the kind of money that you’re making or not having money, that’s showing up in your health as well, because you feel unworthy, you feel undeserving so that is showing up, that’s affecting your health. So for many reasons, we look at where you are out of balance and what we can do to release that, and heal the many parts of you.

Arlene Gale: Wow. That’s a fabulous explanation, thank you for that. Tell people where they can find you and how they can connect with you so if they need any of this at any level, personal or professional, that they can connect and work with you.

Maria Martinez: Thank you. You can find me at 360prosperity.com, that is my website. When you go to my website, there’s a pop up to be part of the newsletter. When you sign up for the newsletter, you get a gift. And that gift is an MP3 that helps you connect more with yourself, access more of yourself. It helps you connect with the light, with your higher self. And it’s a beautiful meditation that I recommend for everybody that is moving into that place of listening, listening and aligning with the messages that are coming through so you can amplify yourself. You can also reach me via email at Maria, maria@excelleratedabundance, E-X-C-E-L-L-E-R-A-T-E-D-A-B-U-N-D-A-C-E.C-O-M, maria@excelleratedabundance.com.

Arlene Gale: And you’re on Facebook and you’ve got some cool stuff there. Are you on any other social media outlets?

Maria Martinez: Yes, I’m on Facebook and Instagram. I also have a show that I do on news for the soul, it’s a radio station that is syndicated over 262 countries. And I host two Mondays, the first and the third, at four o’clock pacific time so you’re welcome to join me, ask many questions. I will also be speaking at The Best You EXPO coming up in August, and that will be at 2:30 PM August 2nd.

Arlene Gale: Great. Now’s my favorite part of the show, I’m going to put you on the hot seat. You ready?

Maria Martinez: Ready.

Arlene Gale: Okay. So at any time as you were growing up or you started your career and you started moving into your definition of success, what was one or one negative mindset that could have stopped you and shut you down if you had not figured out how to overcome it?

Maria Martinez: Oh, my goodness. Everything I just talked about, we have all these things because society would come into our environment. We come into a culture that has limiting belief systems. So any of the belief systems that I talked about not feeling enough, not feeling worthy enough to being deserving, any of those could have stopped me and [inaudible] stepping out, and actually for a time they did until I moved into that awareness of what was in my way and really looked at myself and looked at my life. And the realization was when a lot of things were not going well. So the key when something is not working, when you’re not in alignment is when things are not going well. When your finances are suffering, when your career is suffering, when you’re unhappy in your relationship, any of those, it’s an indication of, Hmm, maybe there’s something that I’m not aligned with. Am I truly happy with the life that I’m living in? Am I truly happy with how I’m living my life? So I had to take a very good look at that and realize that I was really out of alignment. I was living my passion, my purpose.

Arlene Gale: I see. I love that question because with all the success that you’ve had and you come across is so well centered and put together, and professional and all of those things that so many of the rest of us want to be, want to grow up to be for you to talk about you have the same things going on in your life and in your mindset that some of us deal with, and you’ve moved past them is refreshing and encouraging, it gives me some hope for me.

Maria Martinez: Yeah. We all go through all of them. Now I see it as finding joy and the layers, because when you can see something that is not working for you, when you can identify a belief system, that’s a breakthrough. I celebrate when I see, I’m running that pattern, or I’m running that belief system. Yay, it’s a breakthrough because now I can step up. I can upgrade again into the next level of success, into the next expansion, into the next level of potential. So I celebrate now. Before I was like, Oh, my gosh, what is going on in my life?

Arlene Gale: Yeah. Well, that’s awesome. So before we go, can you give my listeners one golden nugget, or one thing to do or think about that’s a mindset shift that they can do right now.

Maria Martinez: Okay. So there’s one that I always recommend for everybody, and a lot of times we kind of dismissed this. What’s really important in the basis of going back to belief self, beliefs on trust is forgiveness. So looking at your life, and looking at all the things that you’re still judging yourself, or looking at other things that when you look at them you feel angry, you feel resentful, you feel regretful, you feel like somebody did something to you, or somebody took something from you, you move into the victim, that is an indication that you’re holding on to energies, things that are not serving you. So look at your life and forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for decisions that you made, forgive yourself for actions that you took, forgive yourself for having people in your life that weren’t in your highest good. Just forgive yourself and forgive them because that cleanses a lot of your orb field, cleanses your soul, cleanses your heartspace. When you cleanse yourself, or when you allow space, when you allow the orb to move out, then you have space for more, to create more. And it’s important to do it in your business as well. Because when we feel that we failed or we feel like I wasn’t good enough to succeed in that, you’re carrying that judgment within you. So when you can forgive yourself and let it go, then you can start fresh. You can start over, you can start from a blank space. So give yourself that blank space every day. Today’s a new day, today’s a new start, today’s an amazing day and I’m creating it. I’m creating them from brandnew space, from that new place of self belief, self trust, self love.

Arlene Gale: Awesome. And that forgiveness is so important and so powerful. And this is a completely different show that we may have to do. But I think part of the problem with forgiveness is that people don’t understand what it really means and how to do it. So again, I’ll have to have you back so that we can talk about forgiveness because it is very, very powerful. And one thing, forgiveness is not allowing somebody else to continue to hurt you. Forgiveness is not giving yourself permission to continue to hurt yourself. That’s not forgiveness. So I will just leave it at that, and we’ll have to get back together again and talk about forgiveness because it is a very, very, very powerful tool. Maria, I want to thank you so much for sharing your brilliance, and your insight, and your gifts with us. I know that you’re very busy, so thank you very much for sharing your time.

Maria Martinez: Thank you for having me. I really enjoyed this. I look forward to coming back with you.

Arlene Gale: Well, thank you. And I’m going to leave you all with this thought. Do not allow someone else to dictate what is or is not possible for you. Only you get to make those choices. Only you get to decide how you’re going to live your life today, tomorrow, and every day to come. You have those choices in your hand. So live your story purposefully every day and then sit down and write about it so the rest of us can learn from you too.