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Have you ever felt so lost and hopeless? Are you enduring adversities of all sorts? If so, this episode is for you! Arlene sits with “Nick the Kick” Nick Lowery. Nick shares his journey to success- from multiple rejections & heartaches to being the NFL Champ he is known today. From his story, we learn how to face rejections with grace, create a second chance for yourself through persistence, and make a difference despite our differences. Listen as we talk to Nick about how football and the mindsets of grace, focus, persistence, and community activism all come together.


“We will always have adversity. We will always have challenges. Isn’t that great! Adversity is a gift to teach us how much more still we have within us.” -Nick Lowery


00:50 I Got This-Not!
05:40 Meet “Nick the Kick” 
13:28 Gifts of Adversity
20:21 How to Face Rejection
27:38 When You Think It’s Over
35:22 Make A Change
41:06 Football and Beyond
47:26 Making a Difference Amidst Differences
51:46 What’s Your Top Priority?





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09:41 “Nobody was going to feel sorry for you and your family if you made excuses.”  -Arlene Gale

12:16 “We will always have adversity. We will always have challenges. Isn’t that great! Adversity is a gift to teach us how much more still we have within us.” -Nick Lowery

14:24 “The closer we get to our purpose, the harder the work is; the more frustrating it can be. But that is a sign that we’re getting close.” -Nick Lowery

20:45 “Football is about seasons and life is about seasons.” -Nick Lowery

21:34 “Human beings are extraordinary if they are incredibly focused at doing one thing in a great way.”  -Nick Lowery

38:54 “You don’t have to change the world, you just start to change your world- one person at a time. Watch the ripples go and combine. If you get out there and try, you absolutely will make a difference.” -Arlene Gale  

43:59 “Everybody can find what is unique to their gifts, and use those gifts. Sometimes, it’s a gift of discernment- a wisdom of understanding human beings, their energies, and what drives them.”  -Nick Lowery

52:00 “It’s not about your life and limb, but it is how you see yourself- do you see yourself as someone who comes through or not?” -Nick Lowery

56:13 “You’re planting seeds. People will take different seeds at different times. But if you keep putting them out there, you’re going to have impact.” -Nick Lowery


Connect with Nick:

Nick Lowery (Nick the Kick) spent 15 years with the Kansas City Chiefs and became the all-time leading scorer and Hall of Famer. Lowery became the most accurate place kicker in NFL and Kansas City Chief’s history. He still holds the record today with 1,466 points and the franchise record for longest field goal of 58 yards (53.04 m), which he did twice. He’s a 3-time Pro Bowler, too. With all of these successes one might think life was easy for such a talent, but before this success Nick was rejected 11 times by 8 NFL teams. Somewhere in all of this, Nick earned a master’s degree (a first for a pro athlete) and Fellowship from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He served three U.S. Presidents as an advisor on youth and drug policy. He’s the winner of the most prestigious humanitarian award an NFL player can receive for his community service work and his foundations.