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It is Arlene’s belief that positive changes in business and life can’t happen if the human beings don’t or can’t identify and change their own mindsets, habits, and beliefs. No matter if we are talking about starting or growing a business, being married, in relationships, raising children, or taking on the world in whatever manner works best for you at a specific time and place. We all have idiosyncrasies that can be tweaked to eliminate the behaviors that hold us back.


Embrace The Nature Code™ for Change: Unlocking Business Transformation with Arlene Gale

Don’t get STUMP-ed: Train and Retain Your Talent to Increase Productivity and Reliability

A S.T.UM.P. remains after a vibrant tree has seemingly outlived its time, outlived its usefulness. That tree has weathered storms, until it couldn’t any more. As a stump, it appears its usefulness is gone. But is it really? It’s about change, but it’s also about perspective and mindset. The S.T.UM.P. can also become an obstacle if viewed that way. In business and life it’s important to evaluate our actions, reactions, and anything else that is part of our expectation of growth. 

Attendees will learn to S.T.UM.P. for success: 

  •  Start working on the changes in your business and life now. Change is not a 4-letter word. Start now, planning for, facing, and making a plan to deal with changes – both planned and unplanned. 
  • Transform with a tendency to thrive through change. Change is hard. No one likes change. No one is immune to change. Change can be good and bad, based on your preparedness. 
  • Identify what goal you want to move toward. Part of transformation is letting go of things that don’t serve you or your business well.
  • Unique is the word everyone can own to describe themselves and their skills. Determining your uniqueness is valuable for enhancing communication and strong team building advantages.
  • Momentum will pick up or slow down based on your businesses and your life’s short-term and long-term visions and plans. 
  • Persistence comes when the plan is made, re-evaluated at pre-set checkpoints, and changed as necessary based on outcomes. 

Navigate Changing Tides in Business: Inside (Personnel and Personalities) and Outside (Customer Service)

Nature controls the forces of water, the waves. We kid ourselves to think otherwise. While we can’t control the actual waves in business or life, we can control the depth of interaction in the waves and the people we take with us into the waves. Learning these forces of nature facilitates adapting to changes, seizing opportunities, creating balance and resilience, and may be the means for survival.

In business and in life it is not a matter of WHEN we have no control of an event, but if we have no control over what occurs initially are we prepared and how do we respond.

Attendees will learn: 

  • Accepting and releasing the need for total control.
  • Identify the parts we have some control over.
  • Identifying solutions instead of beating ourselves up over the situation.
  • Adapting to changes by seizing expected and unexpected opportunities.
  • Creating an environment of resilience instead of resistance.
  • Responding realistically to “the next best step.”
  • Assessing skills and passions of people who work and walk alongside us.


about the nature code™

Are you ready for change? Do you have the tools to tackle both seen and unforeseen changes? Arlene Gale uses The Nature Code™ she developed to prepare clients to be better prepared for inevitable change. Arlene Gale has lived parallel lives with one foot in the business world and the other in nature. These lives have fused together perfectly in the culmination of: The Nature Code™. We can learn from the birds and the bees, the waves and the winds, and lions, tigers, and bears. There are many lessons nature can teach us about ways to handle changes, communications, and teamwork in business and life. The Nature Code™ takes the human nature of change resistance and transforms it into change resilience. It starts with you!.

about arlene

Arlene Gale is a Change Visionary Expert, which means she walks clients toward proactively seeing and responding to possible future changes for business and life. She is also a Change Management Expert, which means guiding clients reactively through current changes banging on the door. Arlene is no stranger to changes in business and in life. She knows you aren’t either. After all, the only constant any of us can count on is change. While change is guaranteed, progress and profits are not. Arlene transforms change resistance or change resilience using The Nature Code™ process she developed. Using these techniques allows people to see themselves in examples from nature but after they let down their defenses and opened their minds. The programs and trainings uniqueness, coupled with humor and fun facilitates learning.