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All of Arlene’s trainings have to do with managing and envisioning change. Even looking for ways to create change to improve overall life enjoyment and fulfillment, as well as our relationships. Human nature makes us not like to look at change or plan for change. But as the old Geek philosopher once said: The only constant in our lives is change! We have no choice but to expect change. It’s going to come at us, ready or not! So, why not be ready!

Do you want to be ready for change or be blindsided by change that may derail things that really matter to you?  

Do you want to learn to be more change resilient instead of change resistant, which most people are?

Do you want to purposively plan and control changes that would create more life fulfillment and job satisfaction for yourself and those closest to you?

Do you want to feel more in control of your life’s choices?

Arlene’s life experiences and trainings has convinced her that being prepared for change and taking control of change where we can, as well as actively creating change will yield the best possible results for each of us in our lives.

Are you ready to plan and get more from your life and relationships than you ever thought possible?

Let me guide you forward toward the possibilities!


  • Anyone struggling with changes in their life and/or work situations.
  • People struggling with job satisfaction.
  • People struggling in personal relationships.
  • People struggling with their faith or who want to grow their faith.
  • Students in transition from college to adulting to better understand and plan their next steps using raised awareness of their real strengths and interests.
  • Students in high school who are unsure of their next steps, will better understand their strengths or interests.

Goals / Outcomes

  • Better understand what drives your behavior and choices.
  • Identify where there is control to make adjustments to increase job and life satisfaction.
  • Create strategic plans for improving your life and work satisfaction with follow up of measurable results.
  • Create goals and action steps for improving life and work outcomes with follow up of measurable results.


Trainings are conducted using a variety of techniques and tools to fit the client’s needs one-on-one, in pairs, or small groups.
  • Interactive brainstorming of solutions to real life scenarios
  • Game play
  • Ice breakers
  • Assessments
  • Only limited by the imagination

Training Assessment Tools

  • Motivational Assessments
  • Personality Assessments

Training Time Frame Options

  • Conference Breakouts
  • Half-Day
  • Full-Day
  • Multi-Day


For groups and one-on-one trainings:


Assessment with 30 and 90-day goal setting and follow-up


Assessment with 30-day, 3-month, and 6-month goal setting and follow-up


Assessment with 30-day, 4-month, and 8-month, 12-month goal setting and follow-up
Contact Arlene for specifically designed packages with multiple assessment tools and time frames.

about the nature code™

Are you ready for change? Do you have the tools to tackle both seen and unforeseen changes? Arlene Gale uses The Nature Code™ she developed to prepare clients to be better prepared for inevitable change. Arlene Gale has lived parallel lives with one foot in the business world and the other in nature. These lives have fused together perfectly in the culmination of: The Nature Code™. We can learn from the birds and the bees, the waves and the winds, and lions, tigers, and bears. There are many lessons nature can teach us about ways to handle changes, communications, and teamwork in business and life. The Nature Code™ takes the human nature of change resistance and transforms it into change resilience. It starts with you!.

about arlene

Arlene Gale is a Change Visionary Expert, which means she walks clients toward proactively seeing and responding to possible future changes for business and life. She is also a Change Management Expert, which means guiding clients reactively through current changes banging on the door. Arlene is no stranger to changes in business and in life. She knows you aren’t either. After all, the only constant any of us can count on is change. While change is guaranteed, progress and profits are not. Arlene transforms change resistance or change resilience using The Nature Code™ process she developed. Using these techniques allows people to see themselves in examples from nature but after they let down their defenses and opened their minds. The programs and trainings uniqueness, coupled with humor and fun facilitates learning.