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Reveal the Power of Human Nature to Motivate Peak Performance in Associations and Businesses


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TOPICS to increase motivation & CHANGE resilience

 Increase Team Performance  •  Train  & Retain Employees
                                     •  Identify Emerging Leaders    Increase Productivity                                        • Decrease Conflict  Decrease Stress & Burnout


Arlene’s Core BELIEF

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I believe everyone has the ability inside to grow and achieve more every day! Understanding and applying motivation tools is key. Understanding motivation increases satsifaction and creates beneficial outcomes. When you understand motivation it’s a powerful tool to increase employee retention and engagement by enriching collaboration while decreasing turnover, stress, and potential burnout. Using motivation, you will learn to cultivate productivity, creativity, and profits while minimizing conflicts.


Embrace The Nature Code™ for Proactively Increasing Motivation and Embracing Change.

get S.T.U.M.P.-ed & Get Motivated

No one wants to get stumped do they? In this case they do! This keynote is about identifying and transforming motivation, perspective, and mindset. A S.T.UM.P. is a tree that weathered storms until it couldn’t any more. The S.T.U.M.P. remains after a vibrant tree has seemingly outlived its usefulness. But has it really? No, its purpose and value have changed, but still exist. On one hand, the S.T.UM.P. can be an obstacle if viewed that way. Or we can slow down and notice the new shoots of life that come back from its root to embrace new possibilities. Weathering of the S.T.UM.P. may allow rain water to collect for tremendous life-giving value for wildlife, too. People in business and life have weathered storms and made it through changes. It’s important to evaluate our actions, reactions, and anything that is part of our expectation of motivation for growth and positive outcomes.

 Attendees will learn the process and value of getting S.T.UM.P.-ed:

  • Strategic Start for Success – Start by examining perceptions to understand what motivates each person. Based on these findings, create a plan to enhance communication, productivity, engagement, and employee retention.
  • Tenacity – Transform with tendency to thrive through change. Yes, change is hard. No one likes change. But no one is immune to change. Being tenacious means change won’t get us, we will get it!
  • Unique – Unique motivators drive unique individuals to harness strengths for growth and success.
  • Motivation –  Motivation drives satisfaction, engagement, and productivty. Understanding motivation reduces stress and prevents burn out.
  • Purpose – Find the purpose that fits your strengths based on motivational drivers.

Naturally Motivate People Around You to Make the Changes You Want

Naturally harness the motivation of people around you to grow key benefits. Use motivation to increase employee retention by enriching collaboration while also decreasing turnover, stress, and potential burnout. Using motivation, you will learn to cultivate productivity, creativity, and profits while minimizing conflicts. Uncover the potential to motivate customers and potential customers to become and remain brand loyal. Come prepared to hear real-world examples teeming with insight into what motivates people to give you their best performance.

Attendees Will Learn:

    • How to identify diverse motivational driver in individuals and teams, and why it matters.
    • How knowing their own motivational drivers and those of others builds stronger teams, creates better communication, sets and achieves stronger goals, identifies potential burnout, and determine why someone may seem “difficult” to work with.
    • Understand how to identify and train future leaders for succession planning
    • How motivation impacts culture and diversity.


 Sink or Swim on Changing Tides 

Nature controls the size of the waves. We kid ourselves to think otherwise. While we can’t control the waves, we can control the depth of interaction and the people we take with us. Harnessing the forces of nature facilitates adapting to changes, seizing opportunities, creating resilience, and may be the means for survival. No one likes change. Change is hard. But everyone experiences changes. No one escapes change. Motivation changes in individuals and teams. The more changes occur, the more people can become de-motivated, it can become an unstable scenario, but motivation can be regained with the right observation and training.

Attendees will learn: 

  • Identify the places you have control.
  • Use your energy to create powerful solutions toward your “next best step.”
  • Seize expected and unexpected opportunities.
  • Create an environment of resilience, which goes against our human nature of resistence.
  • Assess motivation and engagement skills and passions of people who work and walk alongside you.

about the nature code™

Are you ready to be more motivated and lead more motivated individuals and teams? Do you have the tools to tackle both seen and unforeseen changes? Arlene Gale uses The Nature Code™ she developed to prepare clients to be more proactive and resilient to achieve productivity, retention, and other goals beyond their imagination to become better prepared for inevitable change. Arlene Gale has lived parallel lives with one foot in the business world and the other in nature. These lives have fused together perfectly in the culmination of: The Nature Code™. We can learn from the birds and the bees, the waves and the winds, and lions, tigers, and bears. The Nature Code™ takes the human nature of change resistance and transforms it into change resilience. It starts with you!

about arlene

Arlene Gale is a Harnessing Motivation and Change Visionary Expert, which means she walks clients toward proactively understanding how motivation impacts team work and productivity, and then helps create and implement resilient strategies for beneficial changes in business and life. Arlene understands the challenges faced by businesses in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Through her engaging and thought-provoking keynotes and trainings, Arlene has worked with clients to earn multiple millions of dollars in new business.