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Why Hire Arlene to speak at your next event

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 Increase Team Performance  •  Train  & Retain Employees
                                     •  Identify Emerging Leaders    Increase Productivity                                        • Decrease Conflict  Decrease Stress & Burnout



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Arlene’s goals as a motivation and change expert are to provide programs designed so people will gain insights and action steps for making progress in looking for coming changes and addressing current changes in their businesses and lives. 

5 reasons to hire arlene



Arlene’s passion for her clients and speaking topics are felt through every interaction she has. Arlene has been passionate about learning and applying business marketing and life skills since she was a teenager. Imagine Arlene reading trade magazines and self-improvement books while her friends were reading “Teen Beat.” But that’s what fuels her passion to share with others like you. Arlene is humorous and charming and tells stories about life that brings experiences full circle for the audience to relate. 



Arlene has prepared for her speaking topics all of her life. But beyond that, Arlene prepares by first dedicating herself to learning about you, the client, the event theme, the audience make up, and other important needs. Then she customizes her expertise and topic to meet those specific elements. Arlene believes her main job is to make sure the event planner doesn’t have extra work.



Arlene is a professional speaker with 30 years of experience. She works nationally and internationally for audiences of a few dozen to hundreds. In the last few years Arlene experienced a tremendous number of life and business changes. During the pain and recovery, Arlene was reminded that the tools and techniques she shares with clients really do work and she should apply them to her own situation. Arlene’s passion for transforming businesses and individuals from change resistance to powerful resilience is a vast part of her experience in business and life. 



Arlene is often compared to the Energizer Bunny. When Arlene says she feels like she didn’t get much done today, everyone looks at her in shock and amazement because she outran them from start to finish of an event. Arlene is a dynamic speaker who enjoys involving the audience with experiential learning, which means being prepared for anything. Her energy and sense of humor makes it all look easy and inviting.


easy to work with

Being easy to work with is ingrained in Arlene’s heart and soul, and is key to her success. Arlene’s presentations often receive the highest ratings and are the best attended at events. Arlene’s goal is to make your event flow easily. That starts with her being responsive to and serious about meeting deadlines before, during and after the event. Positive unlimited communications are encouraged. Arlene makes herself available to her clients and pledges quick responses. Arlene understands that event planners are juggling a lot of details, so her goal, as the keynote speaker or breakout session or workshop leader, will be one less item for the event planner to stress over. Your job is hard, please let me make it easier.

“I heard Arlene speak at an event I attended. I enjoyed her sense of humor and hands-on practical lessons, so I hired her for my event. Arlene is a top-notch professional, easy to work with from beginning to end. She delivered two keynotes to the women in business group who left motivated and confident to face business and life changes head on. Arlene is a true professional with a very high likability factor.”

Rachel Lykins, Women’s Legacy Conference Attendee & Rejuvenation at Sea Conference Coordinator

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