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Welcome to Arlene’s Testimonial Page. We have assembled a collection of glowing testimonials from satisfied clients who have witnessed Arlene first-hand. As you navigate through these genuine endorsements, you will notice a common thread – Arlene’s dynamic professionalism, expert knowledge, and engaging presence have left a lasting impact. These testimonials serve as affirmations of Arlene’s capabilities and as an indicator of the value she brings to corporate events and trainings. Hiring Arlene is one of the best things you can do for your event!

Timothy Lewis, West Texas A&M, Event Co-Planner and Best-Selling Author

“Arlene Gale blends the passion of life and professional experiences with the humor of a joyful heart. Along with an impressive knowledge of her subject matter, she possesses the organizational and delivery skills required to hold an audience’s attention and engage them, yet she remains on topic AND on time. Arlene is very easy to work with. I enthusiastically recommend Arlene Gale for your next event! I can’t wait to get her back here to speak to us again.”

G. Milliet, Business Communication Expert

One does not meet Arlene, one experiences Arlene! “Overwhelming, impossible, I can’t, I don’t know how,” were my self-limiting beliefs when I went into my meeting with her. In half a day, “Arlene the Amazing” changed my outlook and helped me break barriers for life and business changes with easy-to-follow steps. With Arlene’s guidance, my apprehension and procrastination turned into confidence and capability! Thank you, Arlene for sharing your talents and passion.”

Rachel. Lykins, Women’s Legacy Conference Attendee & Rejuvenation at Sea Conference Coordinator

“I heard Arlene speak at an event I attended. I enjoyed her sense of humor and hands-on practical lessons, so I hired her for my event. Arlene is a top-notch professional, easy to work with from beginning to end. She delivered two keynotes to the women in business group who left motivated and confident to face business and life changes head on. Arlene is a true professional with a very high likability factor.”

Tony LoPresti, President OWFI Conference

I hired Arlene to speak at our conference and she came fully prepared in knowledge of the subject and materials for her three breakout sessions. Her session attendance was the highest in the conference. She was very well received. Arlene remained available to attendees after the sessions to answer questions throughout the conference. When I host my next conference, Arlene will be one of the first people I turn to for my speaker line up. I endorse her totally and without reservation.”

Debbie Allen, International Business Speaker and Best Selling Author

“I highly recommend Arlene and her business marketing talents. The first time I heard her speak I was blown away. She filled the room with tangible wisdom, held everyone’s attention with humor and interaction. Arlene is so good at what she does, I had her speak to my clients at several events.. I enjoyed every minute of her speaking at every event.”

I. Dillon, The Emotional Pro, author of Emotions in Motion

“When Arlene tells you she can get things done, she’s not playing around. Arlene delivers what she promises. I know this because Arlene has helped me reach goals I didn’t think I could. Be careful what you wish for because Arlene will make it come true. In my seventh decade of life, I’m busier than ever and having the time of my life thanks to Arlene!

M. Guthrie, Transformational Health & Nutrition Expert

“I took one of Arlene’s 2-day workshops and then a one-on-one coaching day-long experiences where she ties all of the pieces of starting and running a business together, so the process is clearer. She provided tools and tips, options with pros and cons, business use ideas and marketing and sales strategies, too. Arlene got me excited to take bigger, bolder action.”

Dr. Mona Dixon, Teen Empowerment Leader Speaker

“I wanted to learn more about what it takes to have a speaking business. I took one of Arlene’s workshops. She is an expert in giving tangible action steps for creating a marketing plan and showing how it ties into what you want to do. She also presented the pros and cons of the different options, and much more. Arlene made me believe I can.”

C. Andrews, From the Masters Mind

“When I met Arlene, the thought of running a business was terrifying. She helped me develop a plan. Arlene was there every step of the way, coaching me, and building my confidence. It was clear my success was important to her. With her training and support you will build your credibility and increase your business success, too.”

E. Fowler, Entrepreneur

“Arlene is a powerhouse. Ideas pop out of her head almost faster than I can write them down. She is amazing! Arlene’s enthusiasm is infectious. I also appreciate how she builds my confidence. I can’t encourage you enough to hire Arlene to grow your business.”


W.B. Cross, Author

“Arlene Gale is dynamite, dynamic, and inspirational. She could motivate a pet rock into action! I’ve seen her speak and help people like me through the mountains and valleys.”