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What’s the difference between a graveyard and cemetery? Have these places always been considered scary and creepy? Where did the mindsets about haunted places come from? Find out more about the history of graveyards as Arlene interviews Tui Snider, the author of several best-selling books and an expert on overlooked history, death traditions, and haunted lore. Tui shares lesser-known facts about cemetery symbols, grave goods, and cultural traditions when visiting a dead loved one.  Arlene and Tui also talk about travel writing, having a companion for your book research, finding fun in writing, and working with the right people as you make your way to be the next best-seller. Tune in for more spooky season facts, trivia, and writing advice!


Advice for writing your book(s): “Pick a topic you’re passionate about. If it’s not your idea of fun, don’t do it.”  -Tui Snider


00:52 The Spooky Season
05:06 Graveyard vs Cemetery
12:16 Travel & “Ghost” Writing
21:52 Cemetery Symbolism
32:17 What About a Book Companion
35:20 Where Did the Spookiness Come From?
40:52 The First Horror Movie
43:06 Be Careful When You Visit
51:21 Find Your Fun



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13:48 “Even a home is a travel destination because no matter where you live in the world, it’s exotic to somebody else.” -Tui Snider

16:25 “We never need to be bored. It’s important for us to unplug and go out and have a nice outing.” -Tui Snider

33:27 “Cemeteries are for the living. Graves are there to provide us comfort and to provide us with fresh air and the surrounding nature. Cemeteries are open air museums!” -Tui Snider

37:42 “People began to move around the country to follow work and other things. The problem became that visiting the cemetery and loved ones there on a regular basis, and caring for their graves, happened less and less as a part of social life. Visiting buried loved ones used to be a social family outing.”  -Tui Snider

40:21 “Scary connotations had always been there in graveyards, but the pleasant associations were no longer there. All the negative associations remained and that’s how the mindsets shifted.” -Tui Snider

44:51 “We have to be very careful when we travel to other countries that we don’t take our meanings of graveyard symbolism with us.” -Arlene Gale

52:03 “Pick a topic you’re passionate about. If it’s not your idea of fun, don’t do it.”  -Tui Snider

52:47 “If you’re writing for other people, and you are not passionate about what you write, readers can feel that.”  -Arlene Gale

55:08 “There are also a lot of wonderful champions. Find your champions and listen to them.” -Tui Snider


Connect with Tui:

Tui Snider is an author, speaker, and researcher specializing in overlooked history, cemetery symbolism, and haunted lore. As she puts it, “I used to write fiction, but then I moved to Texas!” Tui has worn a lot of hats in her life – literally – and is especially fond of berets. Her writing and photography have been featured by numerous outlets, including Coast to Coast AM, WFAA TV, LifeHack, Authentic Texas, Cult of Weird, Lone Star Literary Life, among others. Tui loves giving presentations and occasionally teaches classes based on her books at Trinity Christian University in Fort Worth. Her best-selling books include Paranormal Texas, Understanding Cemetery Symbols, Grave Goods, 6 Feet Under Texas, and many more. Tui enjoys connecting with readers all over the globe through her weekly newsletter.