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Trust is one of those simple words that make our life complicated. We enter into a relationship and make decisions based on trust. We display a whole array of qualities like love, loyalty, and courage simply because we trust someone or something. Why do we do that? Frankly, trust is more of a mystery to many of us. But that mystery is going to be unveiled in today’s episode! Arlene and Dr. Yoram Solomon, the man behind The Book of Trust, talk about what trust is, how the media affects the way we trust others, and how trust affects how we perceive things, learn behaviors, interpret contexts, and even build trust from a common enemy. Dr. Solomon also gives us a glint at some of the Laws of Trust and the Components of Trustworthiness. Lastly, we learn the +1 of trust when all else fails. Press play and join the conversation!


“The two most important questions that have the biggest impact on success or failure in your professional or personal life are: Can I trust you? and Can you trust me?” -Dr. Yoram Solomon


00:51 Can Trust Be Defined? 
05:04 What You Should Know About Trust
11:55 Sell on Trust, Not on Price 
16:44 Where Leaders Fail
20:26 The Reciprocity of Trust
27:07 The Continuity of Trust in Context
33:01 Build Trust in Common Enemy
39:43 Trust + 1
43:22 Trust and Media
51:18 2 Questions on Trust That Impact Success




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08:08 “Trust is your willingness to accept the possible negative consequences of giving control over something you have to someone or something else.” -Dr. Yoram Solomon

09:39 “The level of trust correlates directly to your level of fear. And the level of fear correlates to the perception of the risk that you’re taking.” -Dr. Yoram Solomon

11:00 “If you don’t have enough trust, and you perceive higher risk, you’re going to be in the danger zone.” -Dr. Yoram Solomon

22:15 “We think of the reciprocity of trust and trustworthiness only in one way: If you’re trustworthy, you earn trust. But it actually works the other way around. If you trust a person, that person will behave in a trustworthy way.”  -Dr. Yoram Solomon

24:18 “The foundation of trust is trustworthiness and knowing who to trust.” -Dr. Yoram Solomon

37:32 “The bigger the impact of a common enemy is on two people, the more the level of trust increases.” -Dr. Yoram Solomon

39:04 “Don’t trash your competition in front of a customer because the competition is your enemy, not your customer’s enemy. And when you start trashing your competitor in front of a customer, you are not building trust with that customer.”  -Dr. Yoram Solomon

40:48 “The trust that you have in a person is the product of your trustability in that person’s trustworthiness.” -Dr. Yoram Solomon

49:28 “Writing a book helps put things into perspective.” -Dr. Yoram Solomon

51:32 “The two most important questions that have the biggest impact on success or failure in your professional or personal life are: Can I trust you? and Can you trust me?” -Dr. Yoram Solomon


Connect with Dr. Solomon:

Dr. Yoram Solomon actually, really, truly wrote the book on trust. In it, he presents his trustworthiness model, which includes the 8 laws of trust, 6 components of trustworthiness, and he offers a 7-step action plan that allows people and organizations to be more trusted —- and to know who to trust. It is based on years of original research. Yoram is the author of The Book of Trust and 12 more books, holds 22 patents, has written more than 300 articles, and was one of the creators of Wi-Fi and USB 3.0. He has served as an elected official, as an executive, and served as a pilot in Israel’s Defense Force 35th Airborne Brigade. Yoram was named one of the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers and one of the Top 20 Global Thought Leaders on Corporate Culture and Emerging Technologies. Yoram is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, a TEDx speaker, was one of the first 5 professionals to become a Certified Virtual Presenter. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started he delivered more than 30 virtual presentations to audiences of between 25 to more than 2,000, with very high praise. He is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at the Southern Methodist University.